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Tagline Tuesday – City

This week’s movie is Sin City.

The tagline Р Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything.

See what you can find at Changeling.

Even love takes a vacation in Sin City every once in a while.

Riding a bull has never been more stimulating!



Tagline Tuesday – Seduction

This week’s movie is The Last Seduction.

The tagline – She wants it all…

Be seduced by Changeling

Rachel dreams of becoming Magekind. First she must prove herself to the vampire sent to seduce her.

One soul. One night. The seduction begins.

Danielle has a naughty fantasy about exhibitionism that she hasn’t felt free to share with her lover…

Tagline Tuesday – Beauty

This week’s movie is American Beauty.

The tagline – …look closer.

Take a look at Changeling’s beauties.

A sexy baker is in town for a TV competition. Can the boxer convince the curvy vixen to marry him?

Xavier has only one chance to speak with Jenna, but what will she do when she learns he isn’t human?..

Not every fairytale princess deserves to be freed. Fortunately our prince thinks outside the box.

Beauty and the Boxer


Beauty and Her Beast




Tagline Tuesday – Right or Wrong

This week’s movie is The Right Kind of Wrong.

The tagline – He just met the love of his life. At her wedding.

Get it Right or Wrong with Changeling.

Denton Blackstone is a monster. Jordan begs him to show mercy, but can she make him right?

Michael’s set his sights on improving Katie’s theory of the Big Bang — in more ways than one.

Make Me Right