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We have the delightful M.D. Stewart on the blog today. If you’re not familiar with M.D.’s books, it’s never too late! Check out the interview below then be sure to visit Changeling Press to see all of the steamy, sexy romances available from M.D. Stewart!


Do you remember when you completed your first book or novella? What can you tell us about it?

M.D. — I wrote my first book so quickly. It seemed to just flow, then I started immediately on the second book in the series. I’d read that to be a success you should have four to five books ready to publish so readers could find you. So, after finishing the series, I sent my first book to my editor. She didn’t even finish it before returning it! I had head hopped so much that I had to fix it before she’d continue editing it. Since I’d written the entire series I had three other books to fix as well. My “overwhelming success” dream was short-lived lol.

If you could live anywhere in the world (or not on this planet), where would you live and why?

M.D. — In my first series, a science fiction romance, I created several alien species for my Earth-bound characters. One group called the Otronians live on a planet that is peaceful yet advanced. They travel to different planets to live secretly among the inhabitants and try to teach them to care for their planet. My inspiration for my character, Kia’el, was Jason Momoa. I thought to myself, “can you imagine a planet where he would be just an ordinary-looking dude? They’d all be gorgeous.” Yeah, I’d want to live there!

Is there a movie or book that influenced you the most? Something that kickstarted your decision to write and publish a book?

M.D. — I love science fiction movies and television shows. One such show is The Legends of Tomorrow! The antihero on the show is named Mick “Heatwave” Rory and he’s an unashamed criminal who also loves fire! He has a slow, deep voice that I just love. One night I had a dream that he was kidnapped and met a woman who he bonded with. I woke up and started plotting how he would never leave her behind when the rest of his team came to rescue him (because they would!). I could hear his partner-in-crime asking him “Why risk it (rescuing her)? And he’d say “Because she’s mine.” And I had to write that story, making changes of course, but Mick Rory was in my mind the entire time I wrote Mace Adams in Mine.

What genres do you write? Are they all under the same pen name?

M.D. — I have one pen name, M.D. Stewart. I write science fiction and paranormal romance.

Do you write in a dedicated office space? Can you describe your writing nook?

M.D. — I write on my laptop in the living room while hubby watches sports! I did turn one of my spare rooms into a make-shift office but it was a little lonely without the constant noise of the television and my husband’s grouching at what happens on the screen!

When you’re writing, do you need absolute silence or background noise? If you like noise, what’s your preference? Music, movies, traffic…

M.D. — If I’m home alone, I turn off the television and have my Alexa play music. I started with instrumental music (Brian Crain is my Muse), but one of my Paranormal B&B series, Born a Changeling, I listened to Garth Brooks. Which is weird since neither of my guys seemed to be into country music.

When you aren’t writing, what are some things you enjoy doing either alone or with family/friends?

M.D. — My husband is an avid gardener! He grows a massive vegetable garden so I spend most of my early autumn canning tomatoes, green beans, salsa, and peaches from our trees. I also freeze corn, peppers and other fruits like apples and cherries (yes we have those trees too) or our strawberries and blueberries. He also hunts so we have to process any he happens to bring home. My son just moved back from Montana so it’s really good to spend time with him again.

How long does it take you to write a book? Does it require a lot of research?

M.D. — I usually spend a month or so writing a first draft. I do a lot of research on different things. I set my Paranormal B&B series in a fictional town in North Carolina, but they were twenty minutes outside of Charlotte. That meant I did lots of research on the layout of the town since my characters would be going to that town. I also wanted a gay bar for my guys to visit and for my Drag Queen character to work. I searched and found a bar called Chasers and contacted them and asked if I could used their name and likeness in my book. They agreed!

How many books have you written? Do you have a favorite?

M.D. — I’ve written tons of books but only have fifteen published! I think of all my books, my favorite is called “Double Time”, a book I started over a decade ago and forgot all about until I was scanning my WIP folder. I love the premise of the story (two timelines where a hole opens between them and memories cross over from one person’s life to their counterpart in the other time). It took me a while to finish it, but it’s one of my favorite and I think, my best written book.

Do you ever hear from your readers? How did you feel the first time a reader contacted you?

M.D. — I don’t hear from my reader like I hoped I would…yet! I would love to hear from them and interact with them on my fan page. I’d love to have super fans who want to interact with me.

When you’re writing, what comes first? Plot or characters?

M.D. — Oh, I’m such a pantser! Usually I see a story play out in my head, and the characters come to life and the plot unfolds.

What’s the most difficult part of writing (for you)?

M.D. — Writing the last chapter is always difficult! It’s like saying goodbye to friends.

Which do you find more challenging, writing the first book in a series or the last? Why?

M.D. — The last book, because I usually wrap up all the storylines and make sure everyone gets their HEA. The first book holds such promise and it opens a whole new world that I love to explore.

While writing your books, are there ever any surprises?

M.D. — Oh goodness! I love writing because I’m just as surprised at the turn of events as the reader. In one book I was surprised when two of my male characters eluded to a romantic past. I had no idea they were gay!


Want to check out the newest release from M.D Stewart? Keep reading to learn about Born a Changeling! Is this not just the yummiest cover?


Born a Changeling (Paranormal B&B 3)

Cover Artist: Angela Knight

Cam: I’m a changeling, a shapeshifter born to protect the innocent and serve my Queen, Hecate. While patrolling the Castle grounds in our supernatural world, a scent leads me through a portal to the Mortal Plane where I meet my mate and his charming daughter. An evil plot between his world and mine is trying to take them away from me, but I’ll die — or go against my Queen — to protect my new family.

Ben: My daughter, Seda, is my world, though I try not to give in and let her have everything she wants. But I can’t say no to her keeping the large cat she finds while we’re on vacation. It turns out this cat really is different — he turns into a very sexy man who crashes into my life and steals my heart. When something evil tries to cross into our world, Cam vows to put his life on the line to protect my child. I may lose one to save the other, and I don’t know how I’ll ever survive the loss.

Get it at Changeling Press!


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