TGIF Changeling – Alice Gaines, Jax L. Kramer, Shelby Morgen, Sean Michael, Dulce Dennison, Megan Slayer

All New Releases 15% off at 2nd Edition and Box Sets 20% off


Miranda (Leisure Planet 2)
by Alice Gaines
Sale Price: $3.39

Three people lost on a mysterious planet experience sex beyond their wildest dreams and find love.


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Unknown Desires
by Jax L. Kramer
Sale Price: $4.24

Michael has no idea what he’s getting into when he meets his new Dom Mr. Johns but he’ll soon learn.


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Way of the Wolf (Northlanders)
by Shelby Morgen
Print Edition $12.95

eBook Edition $5.99 ($1.99 Kindle Matchbook)

A Slave’s Price (Way of the Wolf 1) $3.99 — $0.00 Kindle Unlimited!

The shape-shifting women of the Clan of the Wolf fight for their very survival…

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Now Available at,, Kobo, and iTunes

And One Makes Four (Shifter Rescue 8)
by Sean Michael

Can Levi stay professional when confronted with three sexy shifter rescues? Does he want to?

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Grizzly Affair (Bureau of Paranormal Affairs)
by Dulce Dennison

What happens when one stubborn bear doesn’t want to take a mate? He gets two!

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2nd Ed. Lily (Forever Wicked)
by Megan Slayer

Tiger Lily never forgot her two true loves.

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Margaret Riley




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