TGIF Changeling – Julia Talbot, Kiernan Kelly, Lexxie Couper, Paige Warren, Shelby Morgen, Anne Kane

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Silver Fox (Faster Bobcat 3)
by Julia Talbot
Sale Price: $3.39
Noah likes to be in control, or so he thinks. Toland convinces him to try letting go.
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Snow (Forever Wicked)
by Kiernan Kelly
Sale Price: $3.39
Snow White may not be king, but he’s going to get his scepter polished nonetheless.
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2nd Ed. Shifting Lust (Box Set)
by Lexxie Couper
Sale Price: $3.99
Not even death itself can keep Raiven from his lover’s side. And pity anyone who tries to stop him.
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Yes, Sir (Southern Submission 1)
by Paige Warren
One taste of her sweet surrender left him wanting more, but surrendering wasn’t part of her plan.
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2nd Edition Security (Spaceport 1)
by Shelby Morgen
Commander Kala Decolt’ir always gets her man. This time there is no escape for Captain Jack Dancer.
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Mercenaries (Print Edition)
by Anne Kane
Mercanaries at $9.95eBook Edition: Mercenaries at $4.99 /$1.99 Kindle Matchbook price when you buy the print edition! Free to read on Amazon Unlimited

Kaeden and his band of mercenaries will do whatever it takes to keep the women they love safe!

Margaret Riley



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