TGIF Changeling – Jessica Coulter Smith, Michelle Hasker, Isabella Jordan, Kate Hill, J R Pearson, Amber Malloy

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Heidi and the Alien Cop (Intergalactic Brides 12)
by Jessica Coulter Smith
Sale Price: $4.24
Heidi stopped believing in happily-ever-after long ago, but Raylic just may change her mind.

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2nd Edition Rose Red (Forever Wicked)
by Michelle Hasker
Sale Price: $3.19
Will an evil dwarf bring Rose Red and her estranged bear of a husband closer or tear them apart?

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2nd Edition Eyes of the Leopard (Box Set)
by Isabella Jordan
Sale Price: $4.79
You’ve never seen darkness ’til you’ve looked through the eyes of a leopard.

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Now Available at,, Kobo, and iTunes
Victor (Fangs and Fists 3)
by Kate Hill
When Jolanda defeats Victor in the arena, has she won a sex slave, or has she come to set him free?
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Boss Me, Fang (Monster Haven 0.5)
by J R Pearson
Mr. Tall Dark and Deadly hired a new assistant – a vampire. Now she’s the one calling the shots!
Las Vegas Tales (Box Set)
by Amber Malloy
Even love takes a vacation in Sin City every once in a while.
Order Now:

Margaret Riley



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